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Overseas Travel – Winter’s coming & Canadians will be on the move

sandy beach


— The latest data from Stats Canada reveal that overseas travel by Canadians has risen steadily over the past 20 years, and probably safe to say most people are pretty well informed about the “basics” for preventing health problems while vacationing. For instance, whether a travel destination is as near as Mexico or Costa Rica or as far away as Thailand or China, most people know to…

■ Wash their hands regularly and/or use hand sanitizer;
■ Drink bottled water rather than tap, even for brushing one’s teeth;
■ Avoid “raw foods” and food sold by street vendors;
■ Use sunblock to avoid sunburn; and
■ Apply insect repellent to help protect from diseases spread by mosquitos.

But Medical Arts also recommends consulting the pharmacist about:

■ When to order medication needed for a vacation period;
■ Carrying an up-to-date list of medications;
■ The safest way(s) to pack and store essential medications;
■ Over-the-counter medications that could come in handy while travelling;
■ Ensuring protection with the annual flu shot, as well as “other” vaccines including those specifically recommended when travelling to certain countries;
■ How many weeks “before travelling” vaccines should be given.


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