Compounding Laboratory

compounding lab

Do you know Medical Arts Pharmacy was the first in Cornwall to design and install a state-of-the-art lab where we could devote our expertise preparing custom-made medications? This expertise is called compounding and can help people who have special needs.   For instance, some people… 

  • Have difficulties swallowing medication
  • Have a bad reaction to the taste of certain medications
  • Have Allergies to ingredients such as additives, preservatives or dyes
  • Prefer a liquid medication to a tablet or capsule
  • Want natural options for the relief of menopausal symptoms
  • Need an alternate strength of a medication
  • Need a medication that is no longer available because it has been discontinued by a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Your doctor will help define your “special need” and through consultation with the pharmacist, will help solve your issue. But if you and your doctor have not yet discussed your special need, please describe it to the pharmacist (who will then contact your doctor).  Together they will discuss how a custom-made medication could help you.