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Some facts about the most common travel-related illness

No doubt you’ve seen TV commercials about travellers’ diarrhea (TD). The ads are helpful in raising awareness, but it’s important to understand that TD is much more than just as “nuisance” that keeps you running to the bathroom. In reality, TD can cause:

  • Acute suffering (diarrhea, vomiting, pain, fever and bloody stools),
  • Longer-term health problems of the bowel, as well as the possible need to
  • Seek medical assistance in a foreign country. In addition, a TD infection could result in your having to:
  • Make schedule changes to flights etc.,
  • Lose time and money, as well as the possible need for
  • Medical treatment once you return home.


and safe! Don’t forget to pack a first-aid kit!


So, if you or your family members are planning a trip, you might wish to consult our travel specialists, pharmacists Erica Shearer or Suzie Pilon. They can help you learn how to reduce your risk for TD, as well as other environmental health risks you may encounter in the country you’ll be visiting.


Where can you contract TD?

A person could contract TD in any country, but a very short list of high and moderate risk countries include places Canadians often visit: Mexico, Costa Rica, India, China, Cuba, the Dominican
Republic, Australia and New Zealand.

What causes TD?

  • Feces-contaminated food and water
  • Bacteria (enterotoxigenic E-coli is the most common)
  • Viruses
  • Parasites

Please travel safe and smart.
We’re here to help people of all ages, and especially those at highest risk: children, seniors, pregnant women and people who have certain health conditions.


Before you depart, call Medical Arts!

At least 8 weeks before you travel, make a Travel Health appointment with pharmacists Erica Shearer (L) at 13th St. or Suzie Pilon (R) at Montreal Rd.


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