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Beat the Cycle of Dry and Itchy Skin This Winter

winter bird


Dry skin and itchy skin are known to be two of the most common age-related skin problems. In fact they often go hand in glove but not in a “comfortable” way. Dry skin – often on the lower legs – can become itchy, scaly or cracked and can cause bleeding. And once we start scratching, further skin injury can occur, leaving us at risk for allergic reactions, as well as infection. It’s a cycle that needs to be broken, but how?
First off, it’s good to know what can contribute to dry and itchy skin, including:

  • Not getting enough food sources of Omega-3 fatty acids or enough zinc
  • Insufficient use of moisturizers
  • Certain Medical conditions (such diabetes or thyroid disease)
  • Some medications (such as diuretics, often called water pills)


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