Medical Arts is proud to announce that pharmacist Amar Khaira has joined the team!

Amardeep Khaira, PharmD

Dr. Amar Khaira – who holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy – joined Medical Arts in September 2018, rounding out the number of pharmacists serving community families to six. And when asked what he enjoys most about his work, Amar is quick to say, “Helping People.”

What he says he means is that pharmacists are qualified to solve certain kinds medication-related problems on-the-spot.

“It could be as simple as extending a medication for which there is no refill, maybe a person or their child is having breathing problems, needs dose adjusted up or down, or a tablet changed to a liquid. It’s situations like these where you can see people’s facial expressions go from stressed to ‘Oh, you can do that?’”

Attracting great team members allows Medical Arts to deliver on its mission to be customer focused. That’s why Harry Haramis along with his partners Josée Lemay and Suzie Pilon agree: “Our one-of-a-kind constellation of services is made better when we have the best people who share our commitment to care.”