Flu Shots Available at Our Pharmacy

During flu season, our pharmacists give flu shots. Please know that pharmacists are specially trained for this service, but that "not all pharmacies in Cornwall" offer the service. Here at Medical Arts, however, pharmacists at both 13th Street and Montreal Road have been giving flu shots for several seasons now. So feel free to call and make an appointment, whether you're a regular Medical Arts customer or not.

Flu Shot Myths

Why Get the Flu Shot Yearly

Another common "myth" about flu season is that you don't need a flu shot every year. It's important to know that viruses have unique abilities to ensure their own survival. For instance, their DNA can mutate. You could think of mutation as a kind of "disguise" that the virus uses to fool your immune system. And that's why the annual flu shot is important. It gives your immune system the up-to-date information it needs to recognize new flu strains, and fight them off.