Remembering Rodolphe Struthers - Pharmacist/Partner 1970s-80s
Medical Arts
Rodolphe Struthers 1926-2016  —  After graduating from U of T in 1954, Rodolphe accepted a pharmacist position in Cornwall. In the 1970s, he entered into a partnership with Medical Arts Pharmacy, which at that time, operated four locations: Pitt Street, Montreal Road, Maxville and a clinic in Akwesasne...  Read more
Why carry an up-to-date list of your MEDS?
Medical Arts
Advertorial  —  YOUR LIST CAN SPEAK FOR YOU WHEN YOU CAN’T: "In a medical emergency, every minute counts. A list could give paramedics vital information for making safe and appropriate decisions during a crisis.”  Read more
Revved and Ready to Use Driv-Thru
Medical Arts
Advertorial  — The One Hour Rx innovation is not only the first of its kind in North America, but an example of a Cornwall Ontario-born business solution. The pharmacists will share this innovation with university-level business and pharmacy academics in the coming year.  Read more
Thank you for the priveledge of serving you and your family for over 57 years!
Medical Arts
Advertorial  — The Montreal Road location of the original Medical Arts opened on July 3, 1956. The original owner, pharmacist Mr. Ernest Bellefeuille, grew up in Cornwall and was a graduate of the University of Toronto. Today, Medical Arts has a second pharmacy on 13th Street. Both are owned by pharmacists Harry Haramis, Josée Lemay and Suzie Pilon, who employ more than 50 people.  Read more
Maxville Manor - A Place to Call Home (HD Video)

KAV Productions  — The story of Maxville Manor dates back close to 50 years and many of the relationships continue today. Nick and Marion Haramis tell the story of the realisation of the dream to build this first rate facility, and how they found Dr. Jaggassar, who still practices there today.