Long Term Care
Medical Arts has experience at the following long-term care residences:

  • Riverdale Terrace
  • St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre
  • Glen Stor Dun Lodge
  • Maxville Manor
  • Chateau Gardens
  • Primrose Manor
  • Greenview Manor
  • McConnell Manor
  • Chateau Cornwall
  • Cornwall Manor
  • Royal Manor
  • Riverview Manor
  • Villa St. Albert
  • Residence Limoges
  • Vankleek Hill Heritage Lodge
  • Marlborough Place I, II and III
  • Parisien Manor
  • Tsi ion kwa nonh so:te
  • Iakhihsohtha
  • Community Living
  • Open Hands
  • Hospice Cornwall
  • Assess and Restore

Personal Care Homes

Long Term

Working with a local pharmacy has multiple benefits

Our team is known and trusted by the doctors, nurses and extended healthcare team because we work with them every day. Our team is recognized as a trusted member of the community, serving the very people whose loved-ones and family-members may be residents in your facility.

When we say we provide service 24/7/365, it means WE are always on-the-job, NEVER a stand-in pharmacy A stand-in pharmacy may lack the technology, systems, or residents’ files; may have insufficient human resources or inventory levels; and may even be considered in the realm of poly-pharmacy (meaning having more than one pharmacy services provider).

Your organization has the right to enjoy multifaceted confidence in its choice of partner.

Things you can count on when working with Medical Arts

  • Dedicated service 24/7/365
  • Ensure the residence is in compliance with Accreditation Canada and/or MOHLTC
  • Communicate effectively in English and French
  • Provide assistance during periods of facility transition or change
  • Collect and share all pertinent drug utilization information for each resident
  • Participate in rounds and conduct both on and off-site inservice programs, and staff orientation
  • Present the Annual Clinical Services Report and Continuous Quality Improvement Assessment(satisfaction survey)
  • Supply and maintain all pertinent equipment and supplies

Maxville Manor - A Place to Call Home

The story of Maxville Manor dates back close to 50 years and many of the relationships continue today. Nick and Marion Haramis tell the story of the realisation of the dream to build this first rate facility, and how they found Dr. Jaggassar, who still practices there today.

Other Key Features

  • Certified Geriatric Pharmacists
  • Seamlessly bilingual
  • Community-based
  • Established since 1956
  • Technologically advanced (barcodes at bedside)
  • Certified compounding laboratory
  • Only local supplier of ostomy supplies, Insulin pump supplies, IV and parenteral nutrition preparation
  • LTC is the major focus